DP350 Drill Press by Delta

DP350 Drill Press

Delta DP350 Drill Press

The DP350 Drill Press is a great bench top drill press that will not kill your budget. Designed with the woodworker in mind. for example……

If you are like most people then you know what a hassle it is to change the speed on most drill presses. First you raise the cover and then you try to figure out whether the belt should go on the smaller front pulley or the smaller back pulley. Then you fidget and fuss around to get the speed you ‘hope’ is correct. Well those problems are over with the Delta DP350 Drill Press.

Changing speeds is as simple as turning the knob on the front of the DP350 drill press machine and it’s done with the drill press running. No more hassles with belts and pulleys.

Not only that, but it has 12 different speeds you can set. From slow to fast or 500RPM to 3100RPM. You will never drill a piece without having the correct speed. On competitor models you may tend to think “that’s close enough” when it comes to drilling speed because you don’t want go to the trouble of raising the cover or removing the cover and changing the belt/pulley combination.

With the DP350 it’s done with a twist of a knob.

So you know speed changes are easy, simple and accurate so what about capacity and other features. The DP350 drill press by Delta is a 12″ bench top drill press. Why take up floor space when you don’t have to?

It uses a s standard Jacobs #33 chuck and the quill travel is 3.25″ so you can work on some pretty big pieces and drill some pretty deep holes with the DP350. The distance from the chuck to the table is over 14″ so you have a lot of versatility in setting up the piece to drill.

For angle drilling, the table tilts both left and right up to ninety degrees. And speaking of the table it a pretty good size and measures at 8.5″ by nearly 10″. Nice size for a drill press this size.

Power is delivered via a 120VAC 1/3HP motor. Turning the DP350 on and off is done via large easy to see and feel buttons on the front of the drill press.

It has an accurate depth stop for accurate repetitive drilling and the standard three handle pilot wheel like you see on all other drill presses. Once set up it weighs almost 80 pounds and of course you should secure it to your workbench or table as recommended in the instruction manual.

The chuck that comes with the DP350 is a standard Jacobs #33 taper with three jaws. The maximum capacity is 1/2″ on the chuck.

The last feature I will mention is that it comes with a built in light. How many times have you wished you could see better are you are drilling? Or have you attached a flexible light to your existing drill press to accomplish that task like I did. I use magnetic bases for my work lights so I can move them from machine to machine as needed. Not very convenient since the banging around makes the lights burn out quickly and there never seems to be a convenient AC outlet I can use. Why don’t all manufacturers add a light to their machines. To me it’s no-brainer but so far Delta is the only one I know of that is actually listening to users of their equipment.

Set up is easy and very well documented in their user manual DP350 User Manual.
The instruction manual has very well written instructions as well as nice clear pictures to clear up any confusion. The manual is among the best I have ever seen when it comes to woodworking equipment of any kind. It’s not mentioned in the instruction manual but I always put a little bit of grease on the teeth engaged by the worm gear for raising and lowering my drill presses. It seems to make the task a little easier.

DP350 Drill Press Conclusion

I would definitely add the DP350 drill press on my short list when shopping for a shop drill press.

DP350 Drill Press by Delta
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